The Pushkin Project

Bringing Russia’s Master Poet to the English Speaking World

The Pushkin Project aims to bring the real Pushkin to the English-speaking world through the inspired translations of the American poet Julian Henry Lowenfeld, including:

  • My Talisman, Selected Verse and a Biography of Alexander Pushkin
  • The Little Tragedies, four verse plays by Pushkin that are virtually unknown in the West.
  • The Pushkin Fairy Tales
  • The Bronze Horseman (perhaps the profoundest epic meditation on state power and its cruel costs
  • Eugene Onegin
  • The Queen of Spades, The Tales of Belkin, The Captain’s Daughter and other selected prose.

In addition to books, we plan readings, concerts, theatrical events, and media appearances, initially in the UK. We would like to publicize Pushkin’s genius with the help of great British and American actors, especially those who already feel a connection to “the Russian soul” and its profound cultural

The first publication of the project, My Talisman (right) will be published in
two editions: A trade book for the general reader, in November 2019, and a special edition for schools, in spring 2020.