Moscow is the poet’s hometown. Here he was born and received the first literary impressions and poetic experiments. Leaving Moscow at the age of 11, Pushkin triumphantly returned to it as a recognized poet. His most intimate friends lived in Moscow. It was here that he first saw Natalia Goncharova, fell in love, wooed her and got married. Finally, the first monument of the poet in Russia was erected in Moscow.

The memories of A.S. Pushkin’s life are captured in the State Museum of A.S. Pushkin: House-Museum of V.L. Pushkin on the Old Basmannaya Street and the Memorial Apartment AS Pushkin on the Arbat Street. The most important milestones in the life of the poet are connected with these houses. Alexander Pushkin came to Basmannaya, to his uncle Vasily Lvovich’s house, in September 1826, immediately after the fateful meeting in the Kremlin with Emperor Nicholas I. The Arbat Street apartment remained the only place in Moscow where Pushkin lived, even though it was not for a long time: the poet just rented this apartment on the eve of his wedding.
It was here that Pushkin said goodbye to his bachelor life at the hearty bachelor party. The next day, on February 18, 1831, he first introduced his young wife, beautiful Natalie, to this house, and here they’d spent the first months of a new family life.

The exhibition, jointly prepared by the State Museum of A.S. Pushkin and Sheremetyevo International Airport, captures and exposes some events and facts from the poet’s life in Moscow. Sheremetyevo airport, following the results of the national voting “Great Names of Russia”, was named after A.S. Pushkin. The exhibition opening coincides with the 220th anniversary of the poet’s birth, as well as with the 60th anniversary of Sheremetyevo Airport in 2019.

Source: Sheremetyevo International Airport