The State A.S. Pushkin Museum

The State A.S.Pushkin Museum – today one of the cultural centers of Moscow and Russia. In addition to the head of the museum comprises five branches: Memorial flat A.S Pushkin on Arbat Street, Memorial Apartment of Andrei Bely on Arbat Street, the Museum of I.S Turgenev on Ostozhenka, House Museum V.L Pushkin on Old Basman St. and Showrooms in monetary alley. The main museum complex is located in a wonderful landmark beginning of the XIX century – the urban gentry manor Khrushchev-Seleznev on the Prechistenka Street.

Phone: +7 (495) 637-5674
Address: Prechistenka Street 12/2, Moscow, Russia 119034

The Institute of Russian Literature (the Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences

Founded on December 15th, 1905, by the noble initiative of Russian culture figures as the memorial of A. S. Pushkin, as a concentration place for manuscripts and relics connected with A. S. Pushkin and the writers of his epoch, – the Pushkin House had from its early days focused its collecting and scientific interest on the legacy of Russian word culture of all the periods – from old times to the modern ones. During the last hundred years there has appeared a unique and indissoluble museum, fund storing and research complex – an unexampled phenomenon of Russian archive-studying, museum studying, academic philology as well as cultural and historic memory – at the same time. Nowadays the Pushkin House stands for three million of precious autographs of Russian writers, scholars and social figures, including 12 thousand pages of Pushkin’s manuscripts; for more than 700 thousands of books and print editions wholly reflecting the history of Russian literature; it also disposes 120 thousand of museum rarities, image, documental and item relics, 15 scientific Departments and Groups, which annually publish 50 book editions: volumes of classics, scholar collections and monographs, serial editions, the “Russian Literature” magazine; besides, the Pushkin House means a particular place and particular people.

Phone: +7 (812) 328-1901
Address: Makarova Embankment 4, Saint Petersburg, Russia 199034

The Pushkin Apartment Museum

The Pushkin Apartment Museum is a memorial museum dedicated to the last period of Alexander Pushkin’s life and creative work. It is located in one of the oldest stone mansions in St. Petersburg at 12, River Moika Embankment which used to belong to the noble Volkonsky family.

Phone: +7 (812) 571 3531
Address: 12, River Moika Embankment, St. Petersburg, Russia 191186

A.S. Pushkin State Literary-Memorial and Nature Preserve “Boldino”

The Museum was founded in 1944 and opened to the public in 1949. Boldino is Pushkin’s family estate from the end of the XVIth century. Nowadays, the museum includes the memorial country estate in the village of Bolshoe Boldino, the grove Luchinnik and the poet’s son A.A. Pushkin’s country estate in the village of Lvovka.

Phone: +7 (831) 382 2759
Address: 144 Pushkinskaya st., the settlement of Bolshoye Boldino, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia, 607940

The State Museum-Reserve of Alexander Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye”

The State Museum-Reserve of Alexander Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye” is a unique monument of Russian culture of national significance. In Russian history Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye, Petrovskoye, Pushkinskie Gory (or Holy Hills) are well known as the memorial Pushkin’s places, connected with life and creative heritage of the poet.

Phone: +7 (81146)2-23-21
Address: S. S. Geychenko Boulevard, 1, Pushkinskie Gory, Pskov region, Russia, 181370

Moskvowedenie Publishing House

НО «Издательский центр «Москвоведение»,
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Solidarity With Russia

The UK-registered charity ‘Solidarity With Russia’ was created to promote culture, protect conservation and wildlife and to help those in need. We are delighted to conclude the 2019 phase of our ‘Pushkin For the Whole World’ Project delivered in two parts – in Kaliningrad, Russia and Vladivostok, Russia.


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Support our efforts to bring the real Pushkin to the English-speaking world.

Friends in the US

The Pushkin Society in America is the heart of The Lodyjensky Immigration Archive Center of Russian and Ukrainian Culture, Inc. (LIAC). The organization has our European office in Austria and is headed by our official ambassador, Inna Grubmair, PhD.


Malcolm Gladwell and I have been friends and collaborators for thirty years. We created Pushkin in 2018 to spread the joy we’ve found making and listening to podcasts.

We started our company with a few simple precepts. We would put artists and creators first. We would produce work that we care about and believe in. And we would have fun.

Why name our studio Pushkin, you ask? Because Alexander Pushkin, the Russian Romantic writer, is our inspiration. Pushkin was a hybrid, a mix of Russian, African, and French ancestry – as well as a philosopher, poet, playwright, and novelist. Like him, our company is curious about everything and always wants to try something new.

Plus, we really like the way Pushkin sounds.

— Jacob Weisberg, Co-founder and CEO


The Center publishes works of individual and joint scholarship that feature aspects of Pushkin’s creative world and times. Various critical methodologies and approaches are encouraged, the primary criterion for acceptance and publication being the quality of the research, including its importance for the field of Pushkin studies, and the compelling nature of the guiding idea or argument.


Friends in Europe

Pushkin House is the oldest independently funded, non-governmental UK charity specialising in Russian culture. WE WERE established in 1954 by Russian ÉMIGRÉS and British enthusiasts to celebrate, explore and share aspects of Russian culture.


The representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo hosts a number of schools and courses. The Russian School of Mathematics and Programming is open to children aged 6-18. The project is aimed at both developing logical thinking in children and supporting the Russian language. The school there holds regular championships between Russian and British programmers, robotics clubs and olympiads. Graduates of the best Russian and British universities, winners of international competitions and olympiads, leading experts of Skolkovo teach at the school.

The representative office supports the first Russian professional theatre “Xameleon”. Rehearsals of various Russian-language theatres of London regularly take place at the premises of the representative office.

Rossotrudnichestvo is always open for event proposals aimed at popularisation of the Russian culture, art, history and language.


Russian Bridge — is an Irish organisation with the following mission:

  • To introduce the best achievements of Russian culture, science and education in Ireland.
  • To build bridges between schools and colleges in Russia and Ireland. To support school exchanges and international educational projects
  • To promote tourism between Ireland and Russia
  • To organize cultural and educational events for the Russian speaking community, to support its integration in Ireland.


The festival’s purpose is to bring together outstanding people, whose activities and creativity help popularising Russian culture abroad.


Friends in Russia

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Russian Hour from London, the International Russian-British TV portal.